At the hotel Equinoxe and in Le Touquet,

Choose from any number of activities...

Swimming, relaxing on the beach, horse riding in the dunes, bike riding... the resort of Le Touquet Paris-Plage offers a wide range of sports. Art-lovers will be amazed with the cultural attractions that the town offers. You can also visit the lighthouse, overlooking the Canche estuary, go to concerts, or go bargain-hunting in the antique shops. For a great break by the sea, take advantage of the central location of our hotel in Le Touquet Paris Plage, and surrender to the charm of the town. The pearl of the Opal Coast, bordered by an ancient forest, also boasts a rich architectural heritage, including the famous Belle Époque villas, the town hall, and the covered market, which are all buildings the resort is very proud of.


Le Touquet Paris Plage

Explore the Opal Coast

Situated in the Pas-de-Calais region, Le Touquet, a seaside resort which is famous for its 12 kilometre-long beach, is visited by around 250,000 tourists every year.

A highly popular holiday destination, Le Touquet Paris-Plage has everything you need for a delightful break on the Opal Coast.

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The Opal Coast

The changing reflections of the sea

Looking out to the English Channel, the Opal Coast stretches along 120 km, from the Belgian border to the border between the Pas-de-Calais and the Somme regions.

Its unique light enhances the highly varied landscapes. It is a key destination for nature lovers, boasting several sites of special interest.

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The Pas de Calais region

Creating new horizons

A French department with a strong sense of identity, the Pas de Calais stretches across 100 km of the Opal Coast.

Its characteristic architecture and numerous historic monuments, such as the square in Arras and the belfry in Calais, bear witness to the rich history of the region. The Pas de Calais also boasts a rich cultural offering.

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